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These videos were created by our friends at the Negril Jamaica Vidia Project for our comprehensive video encyclopedia - directory website that visually portrays the whole town of town of Negril. This Vidia website ("Vidia" is the Latin word for "to see"), which has tons of photos and videos of almost everything "tourist" in Negril, can be found at

Here in this particular 5 part segment we show all of the enterprises that you will see as you walk along this great open beach. It starts at the first resort located about 1/2 mile north of downtown Negril and proceeds all the way to the last boutique resort just before the all-inclusives begin.

Pedestrian tourists are welcomed and encouraged by all of this area's boutique enterprises to come in off of the beach to explore their grounds. These business's owners want the tourists to stop in and browse around, dine & drink, visit their gift shops and / or just chat with other tourists and the colorful locals that are there. They all feel that this is a very good form of public relations and advertising for them because they know that some of these visiting tourists will come back to stay at their places in the future or they might tell their friends good things about them.

There are also many colorful micro-businesses all along this section of the beach where tourists can buy inexpensive food & drink, unique arts, crafts & souvenirs and / or travel gifts and clothing. Here vendors also walk the beach peddling newspapers, fruit, patties, cotton candy and all kinds of trinkets. Meeting these beach vendors is when the tourists get to see the real Jamaica's industrious, hard working, entrepreneurial people.

Videos courtesy of our friends at Negril Jamaica Videos

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